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名称:Tip and Tubes管

品牌:ACTGene 型号:Tip and Tubes管

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简介:Tip and Tubes
Features of the Universal Tips
‧ Free from DNase, RNase, pyrogene
‧ Color: natural
‧ Minimal liquid retention.
‧ Fit a wide variety of micropipettors and multichannels.
‧ Tips have thin walls and a small surface area at the tip orifice, greatly minimizing the possibility of the tip retaining sample droplets. In addition, the small surface area reduces the touch-off angle between the outer tip wall and the receiving sample tube. This reduced touch-off angle virtually eliminates the potential of capillary retention between the tip orifice and tube wall. Each of our tips is molded to give a flash-free and uniform delivery orifice for consistent accuracy and reproducible sample delivery.
‧ Made of high quality, low adhesion, polypropylene.
‧ Sterile tips are available.

Features of Microtubes
‧ Available in 1.5 ml.
‧ Perfect sealing properties.
‧ One hand opening system, without any risk of sample contamination.
‧ Flat frosted lid.

Features of 0.2ml PCR Tubes
‧ Available in 0.2 ml with flat caps and domed caps.
‧ Crystal clear transparency.
‧ Withstand being heated in a thermoblock or being subjected to high-speed centrifugation.
‧ Thin wall design reduces cycle times and improves product quality by proving accurate, rapid and uniform heat transfer.
‧ One hand opening system, without any risk of sample contamination.
‧ Free from DNase and DNase
‧ Clean room produced

Catalogue # Product Packing
PW -200PT
Universal 200 μl pipet tip, clear 1000 ea/pk, 20 pk/cs
1.5 ml micro-centrifuge tube, clear 500 ea/pk, 10 pk/cs
0.2 ml PCR tube with dom cap 1000 ea/pk, 20 pk/cs
0.2 ml PCR tube with flat cap 1000 ea/pk, 20 pk/cs



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