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符合CLIA认证的SearchLight 样本检测实验室致力于使用最少的样本进行生物标志物和免疫相关蛋白的定制化多项分析。




One common detection methodology for RPAs involves colorimetric detection via amplification step involving tagged secondary antibodies. The RPA data, viewed as series of dilution curves, provides a sensitive, quantitative, and much higher throughput alternative to Western blotting.

Low Density Lysate and Serum Array
Image 1. Reverse Phase Array (Low Density Lysate and Serum Array)

Low density arrays (Image 1) employing fairly large features are useful for clinical sample profiling where the sample number is small, while high density arrays (Image 2) are essential for large-scale pathway analysis.

High Density Serum Array
Image 2. Reverse Phase Array (High Density Lysate and Serum Array)

Aushon BioSystems’ 2470 arrayer is a proven technology for building exceptionally high quality Reverse Phase Protein Lysate microarrays. The 2470 can produce arrays of the often viscous lysate material with the linearity and consistency to permit data extraction from dilution series curves.

Antibody arrays are another type of protein array where purified antibodies are immobilized on the slide surface.? These arrays are used for diagnostic chips as well as expression profiling.? The protein binding to the capture antibody in an array can be detected directly or by means of a second antibody in a sandwich assay.? Antibody microarrays provide a high-throughput platform for protein expression profiling.? The high quality printing provided by the Aushon 2470 arrayer is ideal for the unique challenges of antibody array fabrication.

BAC Array array
Image 3. Clontech Laboratories - Antibody Array

Focused genomic arrays represent a more traditional microarray format.? Genomic arrays have a wide range of uses including single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) analysis and comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) assays

Oligo Arrays
Image 4. Focused Genomic Array

The microtiter plate is a standard tool in analytical research and clinical diagnostic testing labs.? In addition to standard microscope slides, the Aushon 2470 can print arrays into the wells of 96- and 384-well plates.? The number of features per well depends on the well size and the desired spot size and spacing.? Well-plate based arrays can be either DNA or protein based.? This image also highlights the flexibility of our printing software which allows the user to completely control their array layout.

Image 5. Microtiter Plate-based Array


SearchLight 样本检测服务可100% 定制:

1.您可以从超过300种的蛋白列表中,选择待检测蛋白。从超过300种疾病相关标志物中进行选择,其中涵盖领域包括:过敏症、哮喘、癌症 、心血管疾病、慢性阻塞性肺病、糖尿病/肥胖症、神经退行性疾病,组织修复/创伤愈合和移植。
5 我们制作试用点阵进行特异性和表现性能的检验。
6 我们对适当浓度的样品进行平行对照检测。


图一 SearchLight 蛋白阵列分析报告。此表为15个糖尿病患者血清样本中7个特定蛋白的分析数据。

图二(左) SearchLight 化学发光检测的人IL-10标准曲线。



图三(下) 人IL-10分析数据。SearchLight 原始数据报告中的总结中包括每个样品的平均值、SD值(标准偏差)、%CV 值(变异系数)以及配合等级等数据。

SearchLight 样本检测服务优势:

  • 多项分析 – 可以从少量样品中获取多个蛋白的定量分析数据
  • 准确性 - 每个新的检测都会通过验证来确保能对天然蛋白进行精确的定量分析
  • 灵敏度 - 通过化学发光检测确保实现对特定低浓度蛋白的定量分析
  • 可信度 - 经验丰富的技术团队严格执行GLP规章制度
  • 可定制化 - 可从不断增加的、超过300种蛋白的列表中选取特定的生物标志物
  • 快速 - 通常情况可在4-8周内完成客户订单
  • 性价比 - 只需检测10个以上的样品,我们就能提供最优竞争力的价格
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