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Automatically Relocates Tissues From Multiple Patients To One Slide.


high-throughput Tissue Micorarray (Cat. No. : ATA-30)

    Several “high throughput methods” have been introduced into research and routine laboratories during the past decade. These new techniques enhance the analysis and research of genomic alterations and RNA or protein expression patterns in a relatively short time, and promise to deliver clues to the diagnosis and treatment of human cancer. Tissue microarray technology is one of these new tools. It is a method of relocating multiple tissues from conventional histological paraffin blocks so that tissues from multiple patients can be seen on a same slide. The potential and the scientific value of tissue microarray in modern research have been demonstrated in a logarithmically increasing number of studies. Avans Biotech is proudly to participate in this new era and ATA-30 will boost the tissue array research programs significantly and automatically.

Innovation Design
New Innovation And Patented Technology
ATA is built on an innovative technology. It is a fully automatic tissue arrayer with compact size that allows rapid and accurate construction of low to high density tissue arrays.
Easy To Use
Tissue array construction today is considered a tedious and time-consuming task due to the intense concentration and complicates operations. ATA-30 will boost this technology by providing fully automatic operation. With the use of computer and software, all the operation can be simplified by few mouse clicks. Computer file system allows easy experiment saving and tracking. With the help of CCD vision system, user will no longer require intense attention to the selection and operation. This will completely revise your point of view and approach to tissue array construction. Tissue array construction becomes faster, easier and more precise.
High Capacity
ATA-30 includes an minimum 18 blocks tray within the package in mode A system and additional tray is available. You will be able to place any combination of recipient and donor blocks on the tray and define them in the software.
Shorten Operation Time And Eliminate Manual Errors
You will be able to define where to collect and insert cores into donor or recipient block simply in the ATA-30 software. This will streamline the operations, eliminate manual errors and shorten operation time. ATA-30 is fully automatic that will increase the collection precision and guarantee high accuracy in histology type collected.
CCD Vision System
ATA-30 is integrated with CCD vision system that will allow you to operate all the punch area selection directly from the screen easily. The CCD will also record all the tissue blocks image and import into database.
Integrated Software
The built-in software has two main functions: block database and tissue array designer.
‧  The database will allows you to manage and search the tissue block with patient information easily and flexibly. Patients diagnosis photo and tissue block photo is able to import and integrated into the database.
‧  The designer will allows you to generate any format of tissue array from the entire patient database within a minute. The punch area is selected directly on the screen by using mouse and the selection will record inside the database for future avoidance. The depth and size of the cores for each punch can be defined.

Method Comparison


Automated Arrayer

Manual Arrayer


Integrated software, export directly to a database

Written notes

Punch area selection

Mark, edit and save punch coordinates using an digitally captured image from camera and software tools

Visual selection while punching, using magnifying glass or a stereomicroscope as a guide and require intense concentration

Pre-marking of punch areas

CCD display pre-marked slide images side-by-side to the donor block image.

Pathologist marks regions of interested to slides by hand before arraying


Computer controlled

All movements performed manually by operator

Punch speed

Max 150~300 core per hour

Max. 20~30 core per hour

Block capacity

Model A: max. 30 per tray
Model B: max. 42 per tray

Max . 4

Technical specifications:
Power Input

AC220V 300W


W120 x D80 x H75 cm




30 blocks


30 blocks per tray with any combination of donor and recipient blocks.

Puncher Size

0.6, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 mm stainless needle sets


150-300 cores transferred per hour

Operating temperature

15-32℃ ambient

Operating humidity


Working Range 400 / 350 / 50 (mm)
Max. Loading XY 10kg / Z 5kg
Resolution 0.01mm / Axis
Repeatability +/- 0.01 mm / Axis
Motor System Japan servo motor
Max. Speed XY-500 Z-250 (mm/sec)
Driving Method XYZ-Screwball axis
Loading Method Removable Tray with easy loading
Control Method PC - WinXP
Merging Method Low resolution CCD for stained slide and tissue block merging
Selection Method High resolution CCD for detail viewing and selection
Lighting Method Halogen ring light illumination
Interpolation Function 3 axis
‧Enhanced software features
‧Tissue block database integrate with clinical and diagnosis data
‧Mark, edit and save punch coordinates using an on-screen display and software tools
‧Tissue punch coordinates history
‧Easy array programming with punch size selection and core annotation
‧Save workflow in file for repeat arraying
‧Advance and easy punch area selection
‧Export block image and data
‧Additional tissue block tray
‧Constant temperature tray and heating device
‧2.0 and 2.5 mm stainless needle sets
‧Barcode system integration
Warrenty 1 year warranty
Package Automatic Tissue Arrayer
3 sets of punch needles ( 0.6mm , 1.0mm , 1.5mm )
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