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2012-12-28 13:32:49

GeneChip® PrimeView™ Human Gene Expression Array具有超高性价比,以最低的费用获取更可靠的结果。
PrimeView™ 人基因表达谱芯片特点有:
> 新版人3’ IVT表达谱卡式芯片,利用GeneChip® Scanner 3000 7G system平台;
> 提供业内最高质量的基因表达分析技术,实现全面的全基因组表达分析;
> 性能优越,平行样品间具有极强的信号及倍数关联;
> 是研究药物及疾病调控机制的强有力及高效的分析工具。
> PrimeView芯片与其他3’表达谱芯片具有同样高水平性能。昂飞Affymetrix经实验检测,CV值中值低于10%,平行样品间的Pearson相关系数高于0.990.
> 超强灵敏度和高度的可重复性;
> 低CV值---多重独立探针检测,实验结果可靠;
> 对注解明晰的每个转录本设计了11个探针,其他9个;
> 完全覆盖带注解基因组---基因注解最新,且高度覆盖,完全覆盖RefSeq数据库中所有注解明晰的基因及转录本;
> 主要分析那些注解比较清晰的基因;
> 基于2011年6月份的数据库设计,覆盖人类基因组中确认的注解明晰的20000多个基因的36000多个转录本。

Data sources (June 2011) PrimeView
UniGene (design time) 219
RefSeq 41
NCBI genome version 37
Ensembl 57
GenBank® 177
Entrez 6/2010

Feature Size: 11 μm
Probes/Sequence: 9 to 11 Perfect Match Probes
Hybridization Controls: bioB, bioC, bioD, cre
Poly-A Controls: dap, lys, phe, thr
Normalization Controls: 100 Probe Sets
Housekeeping/Control Genes: GAPDH, beta-Actin
Hybridization Volume: 130 μL
Library Files: PrimeView
Fluidics Script: FS450_0002
Proven performance from the industry standard
The GeneChip PrimeView Human Gene Expression Array cartridge enables expression profiling using probe sets with an emphasis on established, well annotated content. Sequences used in the design of the array were selected from the RefSeq version 36, UniGene database 219, and full-length human mRNAs from GenBank®.
The PrimeView Human Gene Expression Array enables you to:
• Measure gene expression of more than 36,000 transcripts and variants per sample
• Get accurate and reproducible gene expression data by using multiple independent measurements for each transcript
Key benefits
• Offers excellent gene expression specificity and reproducibility
• Produces reliable results with multiple independent measurements per transcript—11 probes per set for well-annotated sequences, 9 probes per set for the remainder
• Provides complete coverage of the annotated genome
o Highest transcript coverage in the industry with the most recent annotation—covers all well- annotated genes and transcripts from RefSeq
Content profile
• The PrimeView Human Gene Expression Array is comprised of more than 530,000 probes covering more than 36,000 transcripts and variants, which represent more than 20,000 genes mapped through RefSeq or via UniGene annotation.
• The EST and mRNA sequences used in the design were clustered and assembled to create consensus sequences that represent alternative splice forms. Each assembly was then analyzed for orientation and alternative 3' end evidence.
• Content was chosen to cover all well-annotated genes and transcripts from RefSeq v36 and by leveraging all available EST and mRNA evidence that fall into the same clusters, to rigorously detect alternate 3' ends of those well-annotated genes.
• More than 1,000 probe sets represent transcripts that have no official gene symbol in UniGene, but are based on predicted RefSeq sequences and UniGene clusters with good evidence of actual transcription.


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